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Midway FFA Livestock Show and Sale Rules and Regulations

Midway FFA Livestock Show Rules and Regulations 
1. All exhibitors should be familiar with all Midway FFA Livestock Show rules and regulations as listed in this document. 
2. All exhibitors must be eligible according to U.I.L. Eligibility Rules to be eligible to participate in the Midway FFA Livestock Show. 
3. All exhibitors must be dues-paying “active” members in good standing of Midway FFA. 
4. All show animals must be exhibited by their owner. Exceptions would include: a. When an exhibitor has more than one entry in the same Jackpot class. In this case, the exhibitor, with permission from an Ag teacher, may designate an approved Midway FFA member to exhibit their project. 
5. All market animals in the Midway FFA Livestock Show must be present at the Midway Ag Facility and weighed-in by the times designated in the show schedule. An Ag teacher will be present to supervise weighing and record weights. Should a student fail to weigh-in their market animal by the designated time, they will forfeit their right to show. 
6. If an animal is unruly or becomes a danger to other exhibitors either in the barn or the show ring, the judge or an Ag teacher may choose to have the animal removed, thus disqualifying them from the show and any prizes/awards. 
7. Should any animal awarded a prize be disqualified or ineligible for any reason, animals gaining the lower prizes shall graduate up into higher positions next in order above them. 
8. All placings by judges will be considered final. 
9. Midway FFA is not responsible for exhibitors missing classes. 
10. All entry fees must be paid by the entry deadline to be eligible to show in the Midway FFA Livestock Show. 
11. Entry fees are as follows:
a. Jackpot Show- $10 per head
b. Showmanship Show- $10 per head (see rule 13) 
12. Entry fees will be waived for exhibitors providing at least $50 in sponsorships by individuals or businesses. (i.e. one $50 sponsorship waives one jackpot entry, $100 waives one jackpot and one showmanship entry) 
13. Only one project per species per exhibitor will be eligible for the Showmanship Show. 
14. For any species, three head constitutes one breed/class/division. 
a. Jackpot Show- breeds/weight classes may be combined 
b. Showmanship Show- will be broken down as follows, however, three exhibitors constitutes a division. Divisions may be combined (by age first, then experience) as needed. Heats may be used when necessary.
i. Beginner Junior (grades 3-8, first year showmen)
ii. Advanced Junior (grades 3-8, second+ year showmen)
iii. Beginner Senior (grades 11-12, first year showmen)
iv. Advanced Senior (grades 11-12, second+ year showmen)
15. Swine, cattle, and lambs will be shown by breed as follows. (see rule 14a)

a. Swine
i. Cross
ii. Yorkshire
iii. Hampshire
iv. Duroc
v. White OPB
vi. Black OPB

b. Cattle
i. American
ii. British
iii. Continental

c. Lambs
i. Southdown
ii. Fine-wool
iii. Fine-wool cross
iv. Medium wool
v. Hair 
16. Rabbits will be shown in the following divisions with an overall Grand and Reserve Breeding Rabbit being selected.
a. Breeding Doe
b. Breeding Buck 
17. Jackpot Show awards
a. Ribbons in breeds/classes
b. Awards in overall species
i. Awards to Grand Champion with additional prizes based on number of entries 
18. Showmanship and Quiz Bowl awards
a. Scholarship prizes awarded to Grand Champion
i. Additional prizes may be awarded based on number of entries 
19. The Midway ISD Ag Facility is school property and therefore no alcohol or tobacco should be on the premises.


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